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Welcome to the Rosebud Continuum

"The Rosebud Continuum is a dynamic, ever evolving nexus between the best practices of our many pasts and traditional wisdoms and the exciting synergies that are emerging as we apply our dedication to sustainability and education to the creation of a desirable future, with liberty and justice for all. At Rosebud we seek to demonstrate and inspire so that visitors and volunteers can contribute to the widening solution space that can realistically tackle our individual and environmental health and biodiversity conservation challenges. Rosebud is a place where ordinary folks and families can feel empowered to "try this at home" and serves as a resource for communities and neighborhoods and individual households seeking to wean themselves off of dysfunctional systems and instead learn "systems thinking" in the human food/energy/water nexus and wildlife preservation that resolve conflicts and lead to harmonious outcomes."

Learn about The Rosebud Continuum and how to get involved in Land O Lakes Florida.

Thank you for thinking of us. We hope you enjoy what you see. And just about the time you think you've seen it all, we'll have something else to show you.A model for sustainable communities is happening at the Rosebud Continuum.

Once Upon a Time, in Land o Lakes

Once upon a time this property was entirely composed of citrus groves. There were many long rows of orange trees forming a beautiful symmetrical pattern if viewed from the air.

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Mission:Demonstrate a living example of

Sustainability & Betterment

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Do More

Are you hoping for a more sustainable future for your family? If you're in the Land O Lakes, Florida area, set up a time to stop by the property and to learn ways for getting involved.

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Change More

Our Committment to Change is absolutely intwined with education, shared resources, open source, open minded and geared towards developing noticable sustainable change

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Environmental Change Through Building Awareness, Communal Action and Education

Preserving what is truly the real Florida is becoming a serious challenge. The rampant overdevelopment of land and coastal areas without regard for native plants and ecosystems is forever altering the natural ecological balance of living systems which have thrived for millennia.

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Have You Ever Said...?

  • “I have concerns about the environment, but how can one person help?”
  • “I would recycle, but I don’t know how or where”, or I” do recycle, but what else can I do?”
  • “Why are native plants so much better than the ones I have been buying at the nursery? How do I know what plants are better than others?”
  • “Why don’t I have butterflies and other wildlife in my yard, and why should I care?”
  • “Why should I even care about all this sustainable stuff, my life seems pretty good like it is”
  • “Sustainable energy sounds like a nice idea, but it isn’t really practical.”